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Recycld is your full-service Electronic Recycling partner. We have the love of helping maintain our environment as well as the technical skills to make sure we put as many electronics back into the world to extend their life and keep them out of landfills.

Our journey started in 2010 when our Founder, Ryan Redshaw, moved back to Jacksonville, FL from Austin, TX. The Big Tech environment of Austin opened up Ryan's eyes to many ideas but Electronic Recycling was the one that he felt the most passionate about. 

After that he built the original Recycld website from straight HTML code and the rest is history. From then on, Recycld became the choice Electronic Recycling company for small and large businesses throughout North East Florida.

Recycld CEO

Photo taken by Liana Redshaw

Meet Ryan

This is Ryan. His love for the environment and the well being of all people is not only prevalent in business but also in his everyday life. While he is very technically knowledgeable, he also loves working and talking with people to help them and their businesses be better (as well as how he can get better).

He loves playing Tennis, Soccer and just about anything that one can compete in. He is also a lifetime learner and always listens much more than he speaks

He also loves watching his beloved Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida State Seminoles win or lose every year (mostly losing 😁)

Let's work together to keep Electronics from ending up in landfills

Recycld is committed to keeping Electronics out of landfills. 

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